We simplify PCI for you

We limit to a minimum the requirements you must comply with in the PCI

Card data does not pass through your server
With any of the three forms of integration, be it Custom, iFrame or Redirect, the data of your customers' cards goes directly to our server, without going through yours. In this way, we prevent you from having to worry about saving or encrypting this data.
We store your customers' payment information for you, we return a token that represents it so you can make charges in the future. This means that you do not need to save any sensitive data on your server or meet the requirements to make payments safe.
Encrypted Communication
We use HTTPS in all points of access to our API, as well as in the payment screens where the client puts sensitive information in the case that the integration is made through the option iFrame or Redirect.
Simple refunds
When using ZRU, any payment you receive may be refunded completely or partially directly from our panel or using the API transparently for you, without having to ask for their payment information.

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