Manage all your operations

In the Activity section of the dashboard, track and manage all one-time payments, authorizations and subscriptions that have been made.
With the simple click of a button you can make the refunds (either full or partial) that you need. You will also have access to all the details of each transaction so you can easily find the one you are looking for.


Orchestrate your payments from your dashboard

From the Orchestration section, define the route between card processors that you want each payment to make according to the rules you choose. Everything is done in a simple way with just a few clicks.


Generate payment links

From the dashboard, generate payment links to send it by your preferred way: email, SMS, QR, etc. Also, if you are on the phone with your customer, you can tell him to go to a URL that we will provide you and, through a unique code, the payment screen will be shown to him to make the purchase securely without having to give you his card.


Developing has never been so easy

In this section of the dashboard, you can find all the API Logs to see the requests you make and the response we have given to you.
You can also find the notifications we have sent to your server and the response you have given us, being possible to resend them to facilitate the integration process.


Manage multiple environments and grant access to your team

From the dashboard, manage what each person in your team has access to. Also create new environments (both production and test) to organize your business as you need.

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