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ZRU, ready for take-off!

From MyChoice2Pay to ZRU, discover our new name and brand

Since 2017, when MyChoice2Pay's journey began, we have enabled merchants and businesses to have control over payment methods and thus be able to adapt in a very reactive way to the needs of their customers.

While our focus has always been on merchants, our name didn't reflect this, as it implied that we were focused on end-users being able to choose how to pay. For this reason, as well as the fact that an English name added complexity in the Spanish market, we took the challenge of changing our brand.

ZRU ... taking up the torch

Now it's the turn of "ZRU" to take over and bring our value proposition to wherever merchants need to manage their payments.

Our essence and commitment remain the same, so we wanted to take advantage of this change to reinforce our values through the name itself:

ZRU: when we pronounce Z-R-U we think of the word "through", a concept that resonates with our brand as it refers to payments going "through" us, the purpose of our platform being to connect, orchestrate and manage payment flows.

On the other hand, it seemed important to us that the name should be short and easy to spell in any language, since our platform is global and has an international presence.

That is why we immediately fell in love with our new name: ZRU.

The identifier is an extension of the dynamic and modern attributes of our brand. We reinforced the concept of “through” by generating a Z-shaped closing effect that also functions as a path through the symbol.

Beyond the brand

We have been looking forward to announcing the next dashboard update!

Indeed, we wanted to take advantage of this milestone to add new features to our platform. All of them appear on our new website, and will be available on the dashboard later this month. Here are a few of them:

Payment orchestrator:

Our mission is to give merchants the power over all of their payment processes and we have improved our processor orchestrator, which can be managed directly from the dashboard. In this way, with a few clicks, it is very easy to configure the entire flow of card payments, defining routes to be applied when needed. This facilitates the profitability obtained as well as the reduction of charge errors, since we have the fallback option for the operation to be attempted with another processor.

A simulation can be seen here.

New management tools in the dashboard:

We will add functionalities to be able to perform A/B testing between payment screens, and thus detect which ones convert more.

In addition, you will be able to track in real time the percentage of operations performed by the different card processors and payment methods, as well as errors, etc.

Additionally, we offer the possibility to make payments securely over the phone with our IVR system.

Our heartfelt thanks

We are very excited to embark on this exciting journey using ZRU. We are eternally grateful to all our customers for being part of our family, and we look forward to making ZRU a synonym of innovation, trust and freedom in payment processing.

Welcome to ZRU!

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